Thursday, April 4, 2013

Interactive Storytelling

Storytelling is natural for English teaching, because it's a natural part of everyone's life. Learners need to be able to tell stories in English at work, with friends, and any time they share their experiences.

Telling stories during a lesson is a great way to practice fluency, of course, but storytelling has plenty of other roles: icebreaker, warmer, illustrating a grammar topic, changing the mood/turning point, and so on.

Click here: Interactive Storytelling to find notes and tips from the IATEFL-Hungary workshop about storytelling. You will find lots of ideas, links, and a few enjoyable stories to help get started.

A Man Tells Alexander the Great a Story of a Country in which there is No Death
17th Century A.D.

Here is a link to a collection of activities and stories - legends, myths, urban legends, and fairy tales. Enjoy and be creative!

Illustration of the legend of Gelert


  1. Thanks for this post, Mary! The two downloadable handouts are very informative and are a good start for including storytelling in classes. I could add a series of six TED talk on the power of stories at
    and two apps for digital storytelling to be used as a short exercise:
    Tell a tale

  2. How kind of you, Csilla, to enrich this post with more ideas! Thank you very much.