Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Inspiration, and A Beautiful Mind (video)

I am a very lucky person! Yesterday I got an inspiration from a colleague that unstuck me. The inspiration was small, but it makes such a difference. I'll explain.

After deciding to use the DVD film "A Beautiful Mind" (schizophrenia topic appeals to my students, they are researchers so may have something in common with John Nash's work), I set out my lesson plan.

Once the lesson plan was written (incorporating details from's excellent notes) I had a bad taste in my mouth: yes, using video, but how? and why? I felt stuck. Something wasn't right, so I set it aside.

Here's the original lesson plan
warmer: discuss genius vs madness
lead in: hand out 2 short texts, one on schizophrenia, one on John Nash. Pairs read their text and exchange information.
hand out/dictate list of unusual expressions Ss will meet while viewing and discuss/check understanding
Watch scene 16 (about 15 minutes)
1st viewing - watch and pick out unusual expressions from handout, discuss
2nd viewing - turn off volume, Ss narrate
HW half group prepare to ask interview questions, other half prepare to play the role of the 85-year-old John Nash and be interviewed. Roleplay next lesson (to be recorded)