Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Rubric for syllabus writing

S is for syllabus...and September

I've created a rubric for syllabus writing. It contains:

  • a fill-in table of 
    • language to be taught
    • functions
    • vocabulary
    • themes/related situations
  • checkboxes for type of syllabus (e.g. grammatical, 4-skill, topic-base)
  • 2 checklists, one for tasks, one for activities (to give me ideas)
  • Reminders that 
    • Balance is important
    • I need separate activities building up to something bigger
    • I want to create a sense of growing achievement
I'm going to use the rubric to create 8-week (once weekly 90 minute lessons) syllabi for one-to-one and group Business English teaching.

The goal is to produce a quality syllabus using the rubric in 60 minutes.

I'm going to try out the rubric for a few weeks and report back.

Flicker: Bok Center week1 syllabus

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