Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Selfie observation, ideas from John Hughes' IATEFL Glasgow talk

I got the idea from John Hughes: take photos of your whiteboard occasionally.

The first thing that happened (after taking a few photos) was I was ashamed of my whiteboard work -- too ashamed to post any photos on the terrific Twitter space where teachers share their whiteboards.

This activity has motivated me to improve the appearance of my whiteboard.

Here are the 'suspects'

Well, I have been following an old setup: at top, today's date; left, brief list of today's lesson activities; right side "Word Bank" - the place where Ss and I collect new words that come up during the lesson.

I've got lots of growing to do in this area!

I could: add more photos, use colored PostIts, stick up realia...plan a different layout in advance...or lots of other stuff. Will check Matthew Noble's site and the Twitter Whiteboard postings.

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