Friday, January 24, 2014

EVO Mentoring blog post 2: bags of goodies

So far we have confirmed the symbiotic nature of the mentor-mentee relationship.

The following points have received less attention (again from "A Learning Guide for Teacher Mentors" from the State of Victoria Departrment of Education and Early Childhood Development)
  • post-modern teaching is different: teachers need much more emotional support because they're teaching the children of fractured, poor, or single-parent families
  • is this the future of mentoring? no more mentoring pairs; not only focused on classroom work; integrated part of "broader improvement efforts." I just wonder...
  • good answer to "What's the difference between mentoring, coaching, and counselling?"
    • (on page 20-21 of the Guide)
    • Mentoring: professional - the "critical friend"
    • Coaching: short term, performance oriented
    • Counselling: short term, "developmental, corrective objective."
  • Feedback
    • Warm feedback: builds on strengths
    • Cool feedback: sees what's not in the work and flags it
    • Hard feedback: promotes more global thinking
  • Reflective practice
    • So important! I've asked my DOS to do a workshop on it
    • So many ways!
      • journals, formal/informal conferences, observe each other
    • Reflective questions
      • What's working, not working?
      • How was your lesson?
      • What went as planned?
      • Why do you think the lesson went so well?
      • How can you use what you have learned in another situation?
This Guide contains bags of goodies! Thanks EVO leaders.

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