Thursday, March 25, 2010


Dear Students,

Today I am thinking about learning words. I hate learning long lists of words, and I definitely can't stand studying for hours. So I learn things for short periods, often. Vocabulary words, I think, have to be learned in small doses. A dose is really an amount of medicine--so I guess new words in a foreign language are like small doses of medicine! Well, take some "medicine" every day and you will feel results quite soon.

It also helps to have a good-looking notebook that you enjoy using. Pick out a special one at the paper shop--not wildly expensive, but spend enough for a pretty one. Write in the words in any order you like. I sometimes organize by writing sayings and expressions together on one or two pages.

Later, if you have a spare 15 minutes, take out your notebook and a piece of paper. Write example sentences with your words from the word notebook, one word per sentence. Give them to your teacher--he or she will be quite impressed!

 V O C A B U L A R Y

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