Sunday, October 25, 2009

Not-so-small Talk

Hello, Students!

I'm just winding up a long weekend, like the rest of you. As I was looking through the list of links on the right here, I realized what a "mixed bag" it is. I hope all my students will find something useful there.

SMALL TALK  is the topic I am thinking about now. How do you make small talk? You know, the chitchat that everybody does at times--in an elevator, waiting for late students to join the group, while copies are being made, etc.

Some people think small talk is stupid! They always want to say serious things about serious topics. I don't believe that's good, because small talk is not really "small" -- it is a good way to know another person better or just enjoy and relax a bit.

My favorite small talk topics are:

  • what you did on the weekend/holiday,
  • a good or funny anecdote,
  • and surprises (like gifts you got, something that has surprised you recently at work or in your family, etc.)
What are your small talk topics?

But... NO politics or strong jokes!

Go to this useful link to learn how to make small talk with anyone. Small talk is fun, because you never know where the talk will go--it depends on you and the other person's interaction.


Here's small talk in action!

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